Carbon Foot Print - What We Are Doing About Ours

Carbon Foot Print - What We Are Doing About Ours
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Our Next Step: Becoming Climate Neutral 

Being a brand which stands by its ethos of ECO. SUSTAINABLE. LIMITED. and continuously strives for absolute transparency, we recognise how important it is that our actions today positively impact our planet for the future. We also understand how seriously to all of you, our consumers and followers, take climate change and we want to show you that we are right alongside you in doing our part to combat it. It is for this reason that we have committed to becoming climate neutral certified through the independent, non-profit Climate Neutral organisation.

Why are we are committed to being climate neutral?

Currently, Greenhouse gas emissions or carbon emissions, are the biggest contribution to climate change by changing the earth’s natural climate and trapping the heat which in turn contributes to global warming. One of the biggest negative impacts this has on our planet is our air quality. Current science suggests we are getting dangerously close to the point of no return when it comes to climate change. We feel challenged to do our part in ensuring that we take climate change seriously and prevent irreversible damage.

Being climate neutral means we absorb the same amount of carbon as we emit, with the aim being to have “net zero emissions”. For us, this is an obvious step we can take in taking climate change seriously and doing our part in ensuring we are taking the best possible care of our only home, the planet. But in order to do this effectively and to understand out impact, we are working with Climate Neutral

Working with Climate Neutral

By working with Climate Neutral we are held accountable for our carbon footprint (our total amount of greenhouse gases). There are three steps to the process of becoming climate neutral certified. The first is to measure our entire carbon footprint from the past year. Next, we need to offset all our emissions from the past year. We can offset our emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Carbon credits or offsets are investments into climate change solutions and Climate Neutral helps us with this process to ensure our investment in carbon credits are making a difference. The third and final step is to reduce our emissions each year. Climate Neutral helps us do all of this and ensure we are certified each year going forward. This means we are constantly reevaluating our carbon emissions and ensuring we stay climate neutral through our actions.

Keep an eye out for our updates on socials as we embark on this journey of becoming climate neutral certified. 

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