Our Story



Our Story

We were inspired to empower and work together with women in Vietnam to ethically create quality garments that are non mass produced and timeless.



Our Founders

Janelle and Tara first met on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia in 2014, both with a passion for creative style and a desire to change the way the garment industry is run.

Our Ethos

We are firm believers in conscious fashion, both for people and the planet, and are committed to social responsibility through ethically transparent processes. Our seamstresses hand make all our garments and receive a sustainable and living wage. We are striving for zero waste by using all of our off cuts to make one off children’s dresses and moving together sourcing environmentally friendly fabrics for all our garments.



Our Vision

 We are dedicated to creating a community to empower women through ethical employment. As we continue to grow we will ensure not to become another label that adds to the fast fashion problem, but rather helps create a platform that becomes part of the solution to encourage change in the industry.



Our interview with Noosa Stories

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