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Our Story

Meet our TTK family

The journey started with two friends with a passion for style and a dream to create unique pieces with true meaning. Through their own experiences combined the seed was planted.
Now to watch it grow.


When we started our label our main goal was to support Women who need work. We believe that it is so important to know who made your clothes and exactly where they come from. People of then assume that if their garments are made overseas they should then be cheap. Our garments are all hand cut and then sewn on small machines by our small team of ladies in Vietnam.

Meet Hien and Men from our TTK Family.

Men, Nell, Hien & Tara


We Love being Dress Makers and working together with The Travelling Kimono team. It Is a great Job as every season we make new styles so we are learning more and more. We put a lot of work into each garment to make sure it is good quality and the fabric is hand picked from our local market.

We love our job as it makes us very busy and we have an income for our family.

Tara and Janelle are our Australian Family and we make a great Team.

Suong Thi Ngọc Nguyễn (Men)

Hi Im Suong Thi Ngọc Nguyễn (Men). I was born on the 12/03/1985 and I am Happily married with two gorgeous daughters. I live in Saigon Vietnam.

Van Thi Thanh Nguyễn (Hien)

Hi Im Van Thi Thanh Nguyễn (Hien). Im 47 years old and I Live in Vietnam and Australia.